Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi, welcome to my blog!

Hello to everyone and anyone out there reading. My name is Francisco Gonzalez (thats me on the left with the video camera in hand) and in case any of you might be wondering, Im a professional movie buff. I have been writing movie reviews for years now on many a movie web site. I've never written movie reviews on what you might call a professional level, though its been suggested as something that I should be doing by many of my friends. Ive always reviewed movies simply because I enjoy doing it, as a hobby. I enjoy letting others know what I think about a given picture. Ive been told I do it quite well. Its been years since Ive been doing this, so at the request of some of my friends (and for my own personal pleasure) I finally decided to start up my own movie review blog!

You might be asking yourself just what kind of movie reviews you might hope to find on this blog. Well, as the name of the blog suggests, Im a 'film connoisseur', which is really just a fancy word for a guy who knows a lot about movies. And I dont wanna pat myself in the back or nothing but I do watch a lot of movies! And I love writing, so I guess starting up a blog to speak about the movies I watch was only a natural step. I gotta write all this stuff I know somewhere!

Just so you know, I watch all kinds of movies. So on this blog you will find reviews for the strangest kind of artsy fartsy films (or 'high art' films to use the correct term) and the most commercial type of films or Hollywood films. From the sleaziest low budget b movies, to the classiest Oscar nominated flick. I also love horror and science fiction, so you will be seeing reviews for a lot of those types of films as well. In other words, this blog will not be limited to only one kind of film. Here I will be reviewing everything and anything that comes down my movie watching path. I just hope you guys will find it interesting or even useful somehow when it comes to choosing what film you want to sitdown and watch when youre ready to kick back and relax for a while.

So, without further ado, I leave you with my blog. My first film review will be up soon, wait for it!
See you around!

Francisco "Franco" Gonzalez


Reina said...

very nice! i could get addicted! post reviewsss!!!

PeelersTheFilm said...

Hi, I’m trying to get a hold of you to review our film entitled Peelers. I apologize for writing here but cannot find any contact info. Please drop me a line at peelersthefilm@gmail.com. Feel free to remove this comment if you so desire. Thanks!

Franco Macabro said...

My email is spacemonkey_fg@yahoo.com, hit me up and I'll gladly review your film.


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