Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Memorable Horror Movie Posters

I love horror posters that display genuine artistry, thats why I'm dedicating todays batch of posters to some horror posters that I find that have good art in them. Searching for these posters made me wonder what happened to poster art? Now every single poster is made in a computer, what happened to the good old days when posters use to have actual artwork in them? The posters on this blog post dont necesarilly come from the greatest horror movies ever. As is the case with a lot of films, the posters are sometimes better then the movie they represent. What attracts me to these posters is the artwork involved, the craftmanship. Not the film. Not the photoshop. The art. Anyhows, hope you guys enjoy them!


Neil Fulwood said...

Some brilliant choices here. The posters for 'The Gate' and 'Black Roses' are just inspired. I love the art deco feel of the 'Dr Caligari' poster too.

You'd be happy to hang any of these on your wall.

Wings1295 said...

Awesome collection!

Andrew said...

Excellent selections....
I love poster art like this from back in the day.

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Even though I've never seen it, I've always loved that poster for House!

Franco Macabro said...

@Neil: Yeah, pure 80's! There are many variations on the Dr. Caligari poster, that's just one of them.

@Wings: Thanks!

@Andrew: Yeah, back in the day, when posters had art to them. Now they do have art, but its more computer manipulated or generated. They use more photographed altered with a computer then actual drawn or painted artwork like they used to. I wish they'd bring those days back.

@TheGirlWhoLovesHorror: Get your hands on HOUSE as soon as possible, I think you would love it! It's a haunted house flick from the 80's written by Fred Dekker, the guy who directed Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps. Its fun times! The house is like a dimensional portal that feeds on your fears...its a roller coaster ride of cool make up effects and thrills. Highly recommend it, actually, its perfect for Halloween!


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