Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movies with Theme Songs Part 3

Don't know if you guys are enjoying these musical posts based on Movie Theme Songs, but heres my third batch of music videos for film. This group of videos that Im posting today have some rap songs, but mostly, there is a lot of 80s heavy metal. Lots of hair bands and rock gods said "sure!"  to making songs or using their songs on movies. Mostly horror movies. Hope you guys enjoy these! Some of them are extremely funny! 

Are you ready for Freddy? was a song that the rap group The Fat Boys (very popular guys during the 80s) made for Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. On this one, Freddy actually raps! Not only that, he follows The Fat Boys through the Elm Street house! You wont be the same once you see Freddy Krugger Rappin!

Dream Warriors was a song that was used on Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. What can I say, Freddy Krugger and music videos went hand in hand! Because the producers of these Freddy Krugger movies were keeping up with whatever was hip for young kids during those days, they switched from heavy metal to rap. But this Dokken video was when Freddy Krugger and the teenagers of that time were all about the metal.

Hes Back! (The Man Behind the Mask) was a heavy metal song done by heavy metal god Alice Cooper. It was used on Friday the Thirteen Part 6: Jason Lives! This one is pretty interesting, it has a vibe kind of like Michael Jacksons Thriller video, where Michael walks into a movie theater with his girlfriend. On this one, some kid takes out his date to the movies to see the latest Friday the 13th movie, and Jason jumps out at the screen and attacks them! But when Jason takes off his mask, its Alice Cooper singing the song! Interesting that Alice Cooper also jumped to the Freddy franchise and played Kruggers abusive father on Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Big Gun was a song used to promote Last Action Hero. It was performed by legendary heavy metal rock and roll band AC\DC. This video is very similar to the video for Terminator 2: Judgement Day in which The Terminator walks into a Guns and Roses video. But on this one, Arnold walks into an AC/DC concert and starts walking amongst the crowd, then he gets up on stage and starts rocking with Angus up on stage, then the most incredibly funny thing happens! Arnold morphs into an Angus clone! Its funny as hell! Suddenly, Arnold is rocking like a mad man dressed like Angus! You have to see it to believe it! 

Is your love strong enough? was the song used to promote Ridley Scott's Legend. It was performed by Brian Ferry. I posted a music video for the film Legend  (on a previous post about Theme Songs) but that was for the song Loved by the Sun done by Tangerine Dream, which appears in the film but ultimately wasn't used to promote it.  This was the real song used to promote this fantasy film.  

The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera was the song used to promote Karate Kid part II. This song was a huge hit and its still played quite often on radio stations. 

Ghostbusters as performed by Ray Parker Jr. was one of the biggest hits of its day (1984). The video is pretty cool, it has Ray Parker Jr. walking amongst furniture made out of neon lights, which was like the coolest thing back in the 80s. Neon Lights. And Neon colors! People loved those neon colors! This music video has a bunch of big star cameos, just like the video for Ghostbusters II which had a bunch of cameos. You can see the likes of Chevy Chase screaming "Ghostbusters!" Kind of makes you wonder what the Ghostbusters might have been like had Chevy Chase been in those movies... 

The Never Ending Story as performed by Limahl. I know I posted a video for this song in a previous post. But that was a video done before the song was picked up for the movie. This video is the real video used for the movie. By the way, Limahl named himself by rearranging the letters in his real name: Hamill. 

A View to a Kill by Duran Duran was the song used for the bond movie of the same name. I could do an entire post just for music videos done for James Bond songs. But for now, Ill just post this one, which is actually one of my favorites. The video is very cinematic, like in the best movie music videos, the video plays out like a mini movie, the version you'll see below is the extended mini movie version. 

You Could Be Mine as performed by Guns n' Roses for the Terminator 2 soundtrack. This music video is interesting because it has the terminator walking amongst the crowd checking out the band as the play the song. In the ending, the Terminator sees the band walking out back stage and decides that killing them would be a "waste of amo". 


Jeffrey said...

Lots of fun, thanks for posting these! Wow! As goofy as this crap is, I must say, I wax nostalgic for these simpler times...

Franco Macabro said...

True! A time when The Fatboys could just get super silly with Freddy Kruger and Alice Cooper could sit on a throne with snakes wrapped around him.

Manuel Marrero said...

I think this is the wackiest one of the three parts. Man! That Peter Cetera gives me the creeps; He hardly ever blinks...He justs stares directly at your soul in that video.
Alice Cooper rules!!!

Franco Macabro said...

I call Peter Cetera on that video "the weird looking white dude"


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