Monday, January 25, 2010

A Big Thank You to all my Readers!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers out there. I started this blog about seven months ago and it’s been steadily growing in reader ship. So far we got 41 readers! Thanks to all 41 of you who have read my movie reviews and commented on them!

For those of you who have just tuned in, the basic concept of this blog is to review all kinds of films, keep it varied. I don’t want to limit myself to one single genre or type of film. I like the fact that the blog is about all kinds of films from all kinds of genres, keeps things fresh and interesting. From the sleaziest Ken Russell film to the best of Federico Fellini.

So I hope you guys have enjoyed reading so far. I would like to hear your comments on how you all think I could improve the blog. If there’s anything at all that can be done better or differently, I’m open to suggestions.

Francisco Gonzalez

The Film Connoisseur

P.S. Here are the previews to a movie I made called Cannabis Cannibal Exodus, its a post apocaliptic zombie comedie about four friends trying to survive the zombie threat before they blow up the island they live in (Puerto Rico) with nukes. Sorry guys, but the trailers in spanish, cause I make my movies in spanish. Hey, but at least you could appreciate it from a visual standpoint. It was premiered in a real movie theater...great experience!!


Reina said...

Awwww! You have made very proud with your blog! Keep up the great work...and we will keep on readin', and watching movies like crazy! Love uuuu!

Jen said...

Congratulations! Your blog is great and I always find the reviews very informative. Keep up the good work!!

Franco Macabro said...

Thanks Jen and Reina, Ill keep up the good work, as long as you guys keep reading it!

Neil Fulwood said...


You've established your blog and found your 'voice' as a writer within a relatively short space of time. It took me over a year and half before I really started to develop a readership with The Agitation of the Mind and build the blog into what it is now.

Congratulations, keep up the good work, and keep up the diversity - I love that you write about such dramatically different kinds of movies.

Good wishes,


Franco Macabro said...

Thanks Neil, I guess I had some practice over at MySpace, where I first started bloggin.

Thanks for the kind words Neil!

jeremythecritic said...

Congrats! I always look forward to reading your reviews. Your policy of reviewing as wide a range of films as possible is something I really appreciate. Keep up the great work!

Franco Macabro said...

Will do Jeremy! Thanks for reading!

I Like Horror Movies said...

Woo HOO 7mo down!! Ive been having a blast here Franco, Ive been digging the mix of film choices lately even though I am not familiar with many of them so dont have as much to input, but I say keep on truckin with the sweet ass reviews! There is always plenty of color with the pics, and always a great variety here.

Franco Macabro said...

Hey Carl, but thats what its all about, reading about movies we havent seen, so we get to know whats out there, whats cool and whats not. Whats worth watching and whats not!

Im always amazed at all the blogs and the different kinds of films we all review!


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